Backpack Buddies

bpbBackpack Buddies is a community mission project sponsored by Ocilla UMC. Our goal is to help feed young students in our community who do not have enough food to eat on weekends. The last day of school each week can be traumatic for some students because they know hunger is waiting. Backpack Buddies wants to help alleviate this stress.

We have partnered with Irwin County Elementary School and are presently serving 47 students, and we do expect this number to grow. Bags with kid-friendly foods are given to the students’ teachers Friday mornings, and the teachers discreetly give it to the student before the end of the school day. Monday mornings the students return their bag and it is given to the school’s Backpack Buddies coordinator to be filled again and sent home the next weekend.

The cost of providing food for one student is about $25.00 a month. To keep this program going we need donations of all shapes and sizes! You could sponsor a student for a week, month, or year, or you could give a monetary donation of your choice. If you are a local food supplier we would like for you to consider giving Backpack Buddies a discount so our money will help our economy. We will also take donations of individual serving kid-friendly foods such as:

Nature Valley Bars
Goldfish crackers
Rice Krispy Treats
Little Debbies
Nutrigrain Bars
Vienna sausages
Beanee Weenees
Pudding cups
Chef Boyardee (pop-tops)
Cereal bars
Individual cereal boxes

Any kind of individual serving, kid-friendly food is acceptable (no boxed dinners or cans that require a can opener). We realize that healthier foods cost more, but the children do need to eat.

If you feel led to help us feed the hungry children in our community, please contact the Ocilla United Methodist Church at (229) 468-7511.