To the South Georgia Conference:

        We in South Georgia know the lasting impact of kind words, good deeds, of prayers made on our behalf. Even if we had not had three disaster events in our Annual Conference within the past year, the South Georgia Conference would want to reach out in every way to our brothers and sisters in the Houston area. But those recent disasters have made us even more determined to respond with support in very tangible ways.
        We know how much it meant to us for individuals, churches, and annual conferences to come to our aid. Now we have the opportunity to stand side by side as United Methodists in ministry to all those in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.
        I would like to encourage the local churches of South Georgia to set Sunday, September 10 as a day to receive a special offering for disaster relief in Texas and to involve the congregation in making cleaning and/or hygiene kits for use in the long weeks and months of recovery.
        Thank you, South Georgia United Methodists, for the ways in which you continue to be Alive Together in Christ.

                        Lawson Bryan
                    Bishop, South Georgia Conference

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