Notes from Brother Jay

      That’s right!   On October 16 we get to eat some fish and spend some money!  The Dix Family continues their unselfish service as Raye and Charlie Harper supply and cook our fish this year.   The United Methodist Men work hard every year planning, organizing and supplying the rest of the food and the service.
      But that’s only part of the tale.  You bring the cakes and other goodies we sell to raise money for our flourishing Children’s and Youth program.  
      Thanks to Hillary Heitzman, her husband Mike, Mike Green, and a slew of generous volunteers each Wednesday night, we have a large crew and a large time!  You’ll see many of these kids attending Sunday School and Sunday worship.  They come to receive Spiritual food and the other kind too. Some of them will be there helping us as we enjoy the company, the fish, and have some fun!  
      We eat at 6:00.    The fish fry is free.  The auction will start about 6:30 and continue until you buy it all!  
      We welcome you to bring a friend for the event, just make sure you fill them in about our purpose.  I wouldn’t want them to leave their wallets at home!


Brother Jay


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