Notes from Brother Jay

I am the 3rd verse of a 4-verse set.
Often forsaken, unused, without regret.
Preachers and song leaders, brisk on time,
The verse they ditch is always mine.

People rushed, hungry and over hung,
I’m the verse ever left unsung.
Not sure how all this transpired,
1, 2, or 4 no more inspired.  
Profuse in what I have to say,
Still cut for reasons gone astray.  

Some sing every verse,
Leaving nothing banned.
Others read and understand,
Yet listening for the clap of one hand.

Forgetting, irrational, and arbitrary rhyme,
Why blame me for your lack of time.

Not sure about this vain existence,
Waiting scores, notes and measure.
I hope some would sing my piece
And find in me great pleasure.

Until that day my worth discovered,
God’s grace keeps them utterly covered.
Once they find me, with delight,
Verse 3, I’ll be yet another true light!


Brother Jay


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