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Saturday, March 28 2015 05:47

    The third weekend of April, beginning Thursday evening until Sunday, about 40 men will enter the Valdosta State Prison Annex to sit at tables with 42 “Residents" there.  During the three full days we believe God will reveal the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these men.    
    Kairos is a Greek term for time.  Unlike “chronos" the term for measuring time, kairos concerns timing, like the perfect timing of  an affirming word to a hurting heart or rain showers to thirsty gardens. The weekend attempts to offer God's grace to men (and women) who serve sentences they earned for behaviors deemed legally unacceptable in our society.  Most, if not all, deserve detention.   However, God's love doesn't stop simply because people make mistakes, act compulsively/impulsively, or rebel against their circumstances.  God loves every human creature and seeks to redeem every life!
    Kairos succeeds virtually everywhere it's offered.  The rate at which those released from prison return to prison drops from 70% to 30% among the men and women who attend a Kairos weekend! Administrators in prisons affirm Kairos helps them maintain a better, less violent, environment in their facilities.  Kairos saves people, money and headaches!
    My friend Mike DiTomasso serves as Rector of this weekend.  When he called I resisted, even as I “heard" God compelling me to say “Yes.”  Responding to Mike's call I involved you as well.  
    During the weekend we offer the men “Agape.”  Another Greek word you've probably heard, it means unconditional love.  Agape takes the form of homemade cookies from anyone and cards from children. We need your help with our Agape.  I will ask our parents and leaders of the Children's ministry to make construction paper “cards” for the 42 men.  I'd like to ask any of you for homemade chocolate chip or sugar cookies. (The prison restricts us to those two flavors.)  We need them packaged 6 per zip lock type bag. Each of the team members are expected to bring 30 dozen cookies!  (Most of these men haven't had a homemade cookie for a while, so it’s a real treat.  We also share them with Corrections officers, as they are part of this ministry either as Christian brothers and sisters or people in need of Christ themselves.)   I need all this by Wednesday, April 15, Tax Day!    
    We also need what we call “green agape,” or cash.  Each team member pays $160, half for himself and half for a resident, to attend the weekend.  This might be an opportunity for God to use you in the mission of the Church.  Any and all gifts will go directly to Kairos at the Valdosta State Prison Annex.
    The final offering we need is prayer.  Those of you who would like, can register for our 72-hour Prayer Vigil on the web at
3dayol.org.  You may contact me and I'll sign you up for a one hour slot sometime during the weekend.  Pray now, for the team members as we prepare, and for the residents who shall attend.  God IS going to accomplish something big at Kairos #20 at VSP Annex and I want you to share in His work.

Brother Jay

Announcements for March 29, 2015 | Print |  E-mail
Saturday, March 28 2015 05:23
6:00 pm - Cantata
7:00 am - Prayer Breakfast
Noon - Worship Service & Lunch
10:17 - M&Ms
Noon - Worship Service & Lunch
Noon - Worship Service & Lunch
7:00 pm - Choir Practice
Children’s Church:
March 29 --
April 5   -- Indira Dix
April 12 -- Bridget Walters
April 19 -- Holly Conner
April 26 --
(Please notice that we need volunteers for the 4th & 5th Sundays each month.)

Featuring choirs from
Ocilla UMC & Ocilla Baptist Church
Today  --  6:00 pm
Please bring refreshments to share with
our neighbors after the cantata.

Worship & Lunch at Ocilla UMC -- Noon
Mon., Mar. 30 - lunch by OUMC
Tue., Mar. 31 - lunch by Ocilla Baptist
Wed., April 1 - lunch by Ocilla Church of God

Sunday, April 5
7:00 am in the OUMC Prayer Garden
followed by a light breakfast in our social hall.


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