Sunrise Service

Upcoming Events:

April 20 - Easter Sunrise Service (7:00 a.m. at the Baptist Campgrounds at Old Whitley Crossing--hosted by Ocilla Baptist Church)
May 3 - Lord's Acre Festival

Check the Calendar page for details on any event or call the church office at 468-7511.

Announcements for April 20, 2014 | Print |  E-mail
Sunday, April 20 2014 05:56

The flowers in the sanctuary today are dedicated to the glory of God and given by Vernon & Jean Biggers in memory of Ruby Thompson.

7:00 am    Sunrise Service
10:00 am    Sunday School
11:00 am    Worship Service
7:00 am    Prayer Breakfast
7:00 pm    United Methodist Men
6:30 pm    Lord’s Acre Meeting
7:00 pm    Choir Practice

Children’s Church:
April 20 -- Lauren & Stephanie
April 27 -- Holly Conner   

The Methodist Children’s Home
Saturday, April 26
10:00 - 2:00 pm
Macon Campus
Join us for a day of fun for the entire family!

This event helps our Auxiliary fund “extra mile” programs and activities for the children in our care.  These “extra” programs and activities that our regular donations may not cover include things such as birthday parties, music lessons, sports registration fees, mission trips, retreats, and many others.

Romans for Everyone Bible study will not meet today

Senior Adults --  (55 and over, this means you)
Would you like to go to Plains, Georgia to hear former President Jimmy Carter teach Sunday School?  Several dates are available, including next Sunday, April 27.  We need to know if you would like to go.  Please call or email Bonnie in the church office as soon as possible.

Saturday -- May 3
The Lord’s Acre Festival is getting close and we have only collected a few items for the yard sale.  Please drop your sale items off at the church or call Bonnie to have someone come by and pick up your donations. And don’t forget to buy your lunch and raffle tickets!

Easter's Hope | Print |  E-mail
Sunday, April 20 2014 05:54

Suppose you said a brief goodbye to your family, got on an airplane, then your flight vanished.  Or perhaps you took the ferry and it sank.  Or you began crossing the street when the vehicle right next to you made a right turn, knocking you into the pavement and oblivion.

Let’s hope not!

These three scenarios actually happened in the last month, two across the world and one just down the road in Tifton.  How many of those people left home reasonably sure they would return?  In the movies we often see one character with premonitions of disaster, but in our lives we walk with a somewhat arrogant illusion that life just goes on, that our days just flow.  How our lives played out yesterday, be it advantageous or adverse, we shall likely experience something very similar tomorrow.

The Disciples walked with Jesus thinking the same way.  While seeing the many miracles Jesus performed, they remained unconvinced of the radical nature of His teaching.  This idea, this Kingdom of God business couldn’t displace their expectation of a powerful earthly monarch.  The Messiah would be a “man,” a human being, able to restore Israel to greatness, a respected, even feared, political power and potent adversary.

The Disciples thought the past would become the future.

Easter sets us free from repetition of an imperfect past, delivers us from flawed expectations of our future, and offers hope beyond the limits of human reason.  Not irrational, or baseless, our hope lies in the mystery of the Resurrection.   When God the Father raised Jesus the Son from the grave that Sunday morning long ago, the prophetic story of the Messiah completely unfolded.  

The hope of the world isn’t a political leader, but a Creator who shares our story.  Not the story of conquest, but the story of vulnerability, courage, and love.  With Easter in our history a new path presents a new option, not one of insane repetition toward oblivion, but a journey with God toward a perfect home.

If you are visiting with us today we hope you feel at home.  This church, or this Earth, isn’t our final destination, but as Christians, we occasionally catch a glimpse of God’s Kingdom.  We see it in each other!  We hope maybe you will too . . .


Brother Jay


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