August 8-10 - Life in the Spirit Conference
August 24 - Charge Conference

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Saturday, July 26 2014 17:54

The flowers in the sanctuary today are dedicated to the glory of God and given in memory of Hanson & Irma Hudson by Mr. & Mrs. Hanson Hudson, Jr. and family.

10:00 am    Sunday School
11:00 am    Worship Service
7:00 am    Prayer Breakfast
5:30 pm   Parsonage Walk-Through
7:00 pm    Choir Practice
Children’s Church:  
Today --
Aug. 3 -- Indira Dix
Aug. 10 --  Bridget Walters

Ocilla United Methodist Church Jesus’ Kids Club

The new school year is just around the corner!  If you know of someone with a child or grandchild who will need a place to stay in the afternoons, please remind them of our after school program.  Now is the time to reserve your spot.  Space is limited!  Call Kim Clady 912-850-2978 or the church office 468-7511 for more information.

Sunday -- August 24
6:00 pm at Ocilla UMC
Mark your calendars now for this important event!

Life in the Spirit

August 8-10  **  Valdosta First UMC       
Friday begins at 7 pm; Saturday at 9 am
Cost: $20 per person,  $35 per couple

July -- Allan Smith
August -- Jim Paulk

THANK YOU  for your donations of supplies, clothes, money, and time for the Back to School Bash!  Your generosity allowed us to help over 150 local children in need get ready for school.

Scripture for Sunday, August 3:  Matthew 14:13-21

They're Called Schools | Print |  E-mail
Saturday, July 26 2014 17:43

   Cruising along, listening to the radio, I hear a man talking about how fish think.  Apparently somewhere studying philosophizing fishes trips somebody's trigger.  They who study these things believe fish think better in groups.  Observing the behavior of a pair brought forth the discovery they will often create a hierarchy which sounds like other animal behavior.  One fish will decide the other is a better thinker and defer to him/her, becoming a follower.
    While not knowing a great deal about fish (and for the record, fishing) I do know a little about people.  In our institutions we create groups instead of waiting for them to form naturally.  In the church we look for people of similar age, gender, or marital status when we start a new class or group.  While all around us groups most often form around some interest or activity.   Teams form with an interest in the same game.  College students group by their Major coursework or advanced degrees.  Businesses look for people with skills compatible with the desired outcome.  


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