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Sept. 14-18 - Camp Tygart District Camp Meeting
Sept. 15 - United Methodist Men

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Nov. 14-16 - Encounter 2014 - Youth Retreat at Epworth by the Sea

Announcements for September 14, 2014 | Print |  E-mail
Sunday, September 14 2014 05:36

The flowers in the sanctuary today are dedicated to the glory of God and given by Bill & Kim Prather.

Events for the Week of Sept 14-20
10:00 am     Sunday School
11:00 am     Worship Service
6:00 pm     Camp Meeting - Covered Dish Supper
7:00 pm     Camp Meeting Evening Service
7:00 am      Prayer Breakfast
7:00 pm     United Methodist Men
7:00 pm     Choir Practice
9:00 am     Groceries delivered
10:15 am     “M & Ms” at The Shoppes
6:00 pm      Pack boxes for Manna Drop
8:30 am     Set up for Manna Drop
9:00 am     Grocery distribution

Children’s Church:  
Today -- Bridget Walters
Sept. 21 -- Holly Conner
Sept. 28 -- volunteer needed

Our Grief Support Group will not meet this week as Brother Jay will be out of town, but will resume next Wednesday, September 24 at 6:30 pm in the Together classroom.

It’s football season!  We need volunteers to help serve supper for our Irwin County Indians football team, cheerleaders, and Big Red Marching Band on Friday, September 26. Don’t wait to be asked - call the church office to let us know you will be here to help. GO INDIANS!

Thank You!  To all who helped with the First Responders Lunch on 9/11.  

Remember -- Camp Meeting is this week at Camp Tygart -- September 14 -18th.  You are encouraged to attend each night - but tonight is our night to help host.  If you cannot go, but would like to send food for the covered dish supper, please make sure your dish is at the church by 4:30 today to be picked up those who are going.  The special missions gift for Camp Meeting this year will go to The Methodist Home in Valdosta.  If you haven’t brought your donation by, please have it at the church by 4:30 also.

The ladies’ Bible study group, “M & Ms” (formerly Tea on Tuesday) meets at The Shoppes every Thursday morning at 10:15. All women are invited to join the group!

New Address:
Mary Anne Wilcox
The Oaks of Braselton
Apt. 205
5373 Thompson Mill Road
Hoschton, GA   30548

Upcoming Events:
September 14 - 18th - Camp Meeting at Camp Tygart
Friday, September 26 - Supper for IC Football Team and Band

If you haven’t started doing your online shopping by logging in to - now is the time.  For every new person who makes a purchase in September, will donate an extra $5 to Ocilla UMC.  You can find lots of your favorite online shopping sites at  If you register for the first time this month - be sure to use the sign-up code SEPTEMBER to be eligible for the extra five dollar donation.

Pascal's Wager | Print |  E-mail
Sunday, September 14 2014 05:30

Blaise Pascal, the 17th century French mathematician, offered up a pragmatic reason for believing in the existence of God.  Here it is:

(1)   It is possible that the Christian God exists and it is possible that the Christian God does not exist.
(2)   If one believes in the Christian God then if he exists then one receives an infinitely great reward and if he does not exist then one loses little or nothing.
(3)   If one does not believe in the Christian God then if he exists then one receives an infinitely great punishment and if he does not exist then one gains little or nothing.
(4)   It is better to either receive an infinitely great reward or lose little or nothing than it is to either receive an infinitely great punishment or gain little or nothing.
(5)   It is better to believe in the Christian God than it is not to believe in the Christian God.
(6)   If one course of action is better than another then it is rational to follow that course of action and irrational to follow the other.
(7)   It is rational to believe in the Christian God and irrational not to believe in the Christian God.

Essentially Pascal argues belief in God is preferred to disbelief since being wrong about God’s existence only has a downside if God doesn’t exist!  Got it?  No God, no problem.
Pascal stops short however.  The Cross demands more than an ascent to the existence of a deity.  The Cross reveals God’s love in a way meaningful to each of us when we believe.  Offering not just a reward in heaven, the Cross represents the sacrificial death of Jesus, His resurrection, and His place as Lord of Lords and King of Kings!  Both titles concern current relationships with those who live in His realm.
To believe there is a God is profoundly different from believing Jesus Christ forgives sin and restores our relationship with God.  Maintaining relationships takes time and effort.  By sending His message through Jesus Christ, God accomplished His part.  
What about us?  How do we recognize God’s place in our lives and in our world?  Paul writes “Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear.” (Philippians 2:12)  James tells us, “So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.” (James 2:17)
Living faith puts the Gospel on display.  Don’t you think our world needs to know our Savior?                       

Brother Jay


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