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November 30 - Family Night Supper after which we will decorate our church home.
December 4
- Consecration Sunday--Catered lunch following worship.
December 18 - Christmas Cantata at Ocilla Baptist Church at 6 pm. Featuring the choirs of OUMC and OBC.
December 24 - Christmas Eve Communion

Lots to be Grateful For | Print |  E-mail
Saturday, November 19 2016 00:00

     “In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. It wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November.”
     Each Monday and Tuesday night two separate groups meet for Bible study at OUMC.  The women gather Monday nights at 6:30 for a study of the Old Testament using “The Epic of Eden” by Dr. Sandra Richter as our resource.  Tuesday at 7, the men assemble to look at Paul’s letters.  We just finished Philippians and head to Colossians after Christmas.   From now until then those men who aren’t busy with the holidays will simply pray together.
     These groups begin and end with an intentional format.  We seek not only to learn about Scripture, we also strive toward growth in grace and trust of each other.  One of the questions offered is “What are you grateful for?”  None are required to respond openly, but everyone ponders the question.  Rarely, if ever, do we hear trite responses about “waking up this morning” or “the sun shining.”  Instead people dig deep for the blessings of God which are specific and personal to them, their families, or business, etc.  Often the group is the target of gratitude.  Spouses get tagged as blessings.  Often we hear about a circumstance, event, or person God used to bless us during the past 7 days.  Not once a year, but once a week, we enjoy looking at and sharing specific things God is doing in and around us.
     You don’t have to join any group to practice gratitude on a regular basis, but if you’d like to that’s great.  The Men’s group is open right now.  The Women are in the middle of their study, so the middle of January is your target.
     Personally, I am grateful to you, the people of the Irwinville and Ocilla UMCs.  Many of you are engaged in the ministries of your congregations. We are growing in Christ and in numbers.  The challenges we face as a family are minimal and we respond with grace to those among us who suffer.  
     Practice gratitude every day! We have lots to be grateful for.  


Brother Jay

Electing to Pray | Print |  E-mail
Monday, October 31 2016 15:14

November 8th is an important day in our republic.  On that first Tuesday in November “we the people” may exercise our responsibility as citizens to enter the voting booth and cast a ballot for those who will serve us and for changes in selected laws at every level.  As both a right and a privilege, the importance of this day cannot be overstated, no matter who your choice or what your opinion!

On the same day at noon, in the city by the Potomac, a group of people brought together from around the country by Seedbed.com will gather to exercise another privilege. They will “meet at noon at the corner of 16th and Mt. Pleasant Streets NW, in Washington, D.C., for a gathering of awakening prayer. Why here? This is the site not of a majestic national monument but rather, of a marker in the Kingdom of God. It is the site of a historic horse and rider statue, known as the fifteenth horseman to Washington, Francis Asbury.” They will pray.  They will pray for an awakening.  Not a revival, an awakening is much more. An awakening is a movement of God’s Spirit spread across the land, perhaps across the globe.

We can join them!  On that day Ocilla United Methodist Church will be open for anyone in the community to come and pray.  They can pray for themselves, their families, the community, or the nation, whatever God places on their heart.  We shall also ask them to pray for an awakening.  

At a few minutes after noon, we will have a prayer service, praying for a “great awakening” in our hearts.  It will not take long, but it might last longer than we plan.   We will sing, join in the Apostles’ Creed, share several short readings, and pray.   We will pray in large and small groups.  

We shall pray for an awakening of God’s Holy Spirit in our hearts, in the hearts of every Christian in our community and even the hearts of people who know nothing of faith at all.

I pray you will join us!
November 8th, 2016
A little past Noon


Brother Jay


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