NativityChristmas Cantata
Sunday, December 13
6:00 pm
Ocilla Baptist Church

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Sunday, November 29 2015 07:20

The altar arrangement today is dedicated to the glory of God and given by Marion & Linda Roberts and Harmon & Gwen Davis. Jesus Christ is the best gift of all!

10:00 am   Sunday School
11:00 am   Worship Service
4:30 pm   Cantata practice
7:00 pm   Crossroads AA
7:00 am     Prayer Breakfast
7:00 pm     Ladies Bible Study
7:00 pm     Men’s Bible Study
7:00 pm    Choir Practice
4:30 pm    Backpack Buddies

As part of our White Christmas mission project this year, we have been given the opportunity to sponsor 12 foster children through the Called to Care program in Irwin County.  In an effort to be fair to each child, we ask that you would consider spending $75-$100.  You might consider being a sponsor individually, or through a Sunday School class, Circle, or other group.  Sponsor forms will be available this morning during the worship service.  Please contact Hillary Heitzman or call the church office for more information.  

In preparation for the renovation in the kitchen, all the cabinets have been cleaned out.  Serving pieces that have been left in the kitchen are on a table in the Sunday School hall.  Please stop by  and look -- if anything belongs to you, please take it home.  

Sunday, Dec. 6 --  Both Youth groups will meet together at 4:30.
Saturday, Dec. 12 -- 5:00 pm  Our Youth groups will present at live nativity in the grass lot.  The nativity will be followed by a “Happy Birthday, Jesus” party.  Each child is asked to bring a new, unwrapped gift to be donated to a local family.  We will have hot cocoa, snacks, and, of course, birthday cake.  Everyone is invited!

Remember when  you’re shopping online  log in to  and look for your favorite stores.  When you buy through umcmarket a percentage of your purchase can be donated to Ocilla UMC.  It’s easy and costs you nothing extra.  Just log in to and then do your shopping.

You are invited to
Troop 832
Eagle Scout Court of Honor
Jason Kane Roberson
Sunday, December 6 at 2:00 pm
Arbor Baptist Church
RSVP by December 1

What If Giving Is a Gift? | Print |  E-mail
Friday, November 20 2015 15:24

This is the third in a series of 5 articles concerning the vows we make when we accept membership as United Methodists in the body of Christ, the church.

     Are you confused about what to give the church?  Have you ever looked in the Scriptures to discover how much of your money God wants you to share with Him?  You wouldn’t be the first!
     In the Old Testament the Israelites are given very detailed instructions concerning gifts of livestock, grain, and wine.  However, tithing first appeared when Abraham offered 10% of the spoils from his war to return his nephew Lot to safety.  For Abraham’s offering Melchizedek, the Priest of God and king of Salem, responded with bread and wine.
     The New Testament isn’t much better.  Jesus concedes the generosity of a widow over 2 “pennies.”  Of course it represented 100% of her wealth.  Paul encourages generosity, especially to churches, to brothers and sisters in need.
     The most common question among laity concerning the tithe might be “Should I use my net income or my gross?”  For the clergy it’s a little more complicated.  We ask, “Isn’t tithing an Old Testament concept? Aren’t we under grace now?”  Maybe those are the wrong questions…
     What if giving is itself a gift?  Perhaps tithing is a way to begin the journey toward a new freedom?  Like the Sabbath, which gives people instruction concerning rest, tithing gives people the opportunity to discover the generous nature of God?  To see money and possession in light of God’s grace.  Or to reduce the hold of possessions and wealth have on us?
    As for me and my household, Kathy and I decided before we married (before we met, actually) the first 10% goes to the Church.  Beyond that, and there is more, we don’t always know what the other is doing, especially in terms of local mission, families, or needs we hear about.  We just want of be part of God’s work and remain open to His leading. For the Christian is one whose heart and God’s heart are one.  While we might not hear clearly all the time, the call to generosity seems ever present in the story of God and humans.


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