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Sunday, August 2 - 5:00 pm
OUMC Fellowship Hall

Youth Explosion presents:

August 7 at 7:00 pm
The Bridge Church, Nashville, Georgia

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Sunday, July 26 2015 06:52

The flowers on the mantle today are dedicated to the glory of God
and given in memory of Hanson & Irma Hudson
by Mr. & Mrs. Hanson H. Hudson, Jr. and family.

10:00 am       Sunday School
7:00 pm       Crossroads AA
7:00 am        Prayer Breakfast
7:00 pm       Choir Practice

Youth Explosion presents:
August 7 at 7:00 pm
The Bridge Church, Nashville, Georgia
YOUTH -- mark this date on your calendar!
We will take the bus to Nashville -- we will notify you of the time to meet at Ocilla UMC.

:  Two square, wooden planters.  Last seen in September 2014.  If you borrowed these, please return them to the church at your earliest convenience -- or if you know where they may be stored, please call Bonnie in the church office.  Thank you!


There are only a few rooms left!  Adopt a room in honor of or in memory of someone special.  Contact Todd Young or call Bonnie in the church office before the rooms are all selected.

Back to SchoolBack to School Supper
Students -Teachers - School Personnel
Sunday, August 2
5:00 pm
OUMC Fellowship Hall

The Significance of Christian Marriage | Print |  E-mail
Saturday, July 18 2015 07:12

This is from my cousin, Cooper Stinson, who serves the Ramer UMC in Ramer, Alabama.   He does a great job helping us understand the significance of Christian marriage!

     Marriage is one of the hottest topics of the day. Precisely who may marry whom is the question at the heart of that hot topic. For those who are truly concerned about the Biblical perspective of marriage and perpetuating that perspective at all costs, I would like to offer a plea.
Marriage means something special in the Bible. The original marriage occurred at Creation when God created woman and gave her to man. Jesus blessed the original formula for marriage when he turned water into wine at a celebratory wedding feast. On another occasion he referred all questions concerning the pattern of marriage back to the original marriage at Creation. He let it be known that the only marriage sanctioned by God is that of a man and a woman.
     In Ephesians chapter 5, Paul informs us of the enigma of marriage. Again, it is important to note that his pictorial definition is that of one man and one woman. He reveals how this unique marriage arrangement is a mystery in terms of what it represents.
     In today’s culture, most betrothed individuals have no idea of the symbolism involved in their pending nuptials. They don’t know that their ceremony is symbolic of the marriage of Christ and the Church. But according to Paul, every Christian wedding is an example of how the Eternal Groom, Christ, and the Immortal Bride, the Church, have been wed in the mind and heart of God. The moment an earthly ceremony takes place; a heavenly ceremony is depicted as being the marriage of one man, Christ, and one woman, the Church. No other marriage can convey this heavenly reality.
     Biblical weddings are meant to convey so much more than the civil and legal implications of two people joining their lives and assets. They aren’t simply the cultural justification for two people to spend the night in bed together. Nor are weddings merely a societal contract justifying the coming together of any two people who wish to live together.
     Biblically speaking, marriages are a covenant between two people and God. For this reason the traditional wedding ceremony has long included this dynamic Biblical warning, “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” (Mark 10:9) The idea of the Biblical wedding is that God has joined two people of the opposite sex for a lifelong purpose. The ramifications of what that purpose will eventually entail remains a mystery. However, part of that purpose is to represent the deeper mystery of the wedding of Christ and the Church. And just as God is unwilling to separate himself from his marriage to the Church, so a man should be unwilling to separate himself from his chosen bride, and vice versa. Marriage is the blessed covenant of a life-long relationship of loving submission with one’s spouse before and with God.
     This brings me to my plea as a pastor. For Christian couples considering marriage, please join your hearts before God within a Church sanctuary. Let the world know that your wedding is far more than just a venue, that it is rooted and grounded in the eternal mystery, purpose and bond of marriage before God and one other.
Cooper Stinson
Ramer Methodist Church
PO Box 90
Ramer, AL 36069
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